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Update Time!

April 1st, 2014 by Kyatt
By the time you read this, Scienceman Twins will have already been updated! What are you doing reading this blog? Click here to play the game!

Due to all the new content and changes in gameplay, your high scores and unlocks from the previous version won't carry over, but the old unlockables are obtained in a similar way as they were in that version, so you should help you grab a decent chunk of them.

Zombieman Twins

March 31th, 2014 by Kyatt
Sorry for taking the weekend off for the Twinblog - I was concentrating more on getting this update finished. Today, however, it has risen from its grave! I say that so I can heavy-handedly segue into the newest guest twin:
George from Zombie Roomie is crashing at the Sciencemen's lab for a while. Since he's already dead, dying in-game won't empty his bee meter like it will for everybody else. Oh right, I forgot to mention - dying empties your bee meter in the update, which will especially suck for those twins who have special abilities that are based on it. To quote Dr. Zed, "try not to die!"

The update will be playable tomorrow, and will include all fourteen characters I've mentioned here so far, as well as a few surprises.

Entering The Grid

March 27th, 2014 by Kyatt
Today's blog post will cover some other tweaks unrelated to characters that I'm including in the upcoming update. But first, a story - yesterday I made some changes that affect later parts of the game, and was bothered by my inability to consistently make it as far as I needed to on three lives, so I made myself a debug character... literally.
I won't be a playable character in the final version, but I wanted to share these pics because they're somewhat amusing, and they show off some of the changes in the game:
  • There's a new character select screen with character portraits and ability descriptions (I don't have a portrait because I'm just a debug character).
  • The character select screen allows for player 2 to jump in, so you don't have to choose the number of players on the title screen.
  • I made the wallcrawling raccoons lighter, so they don't blend in as much. So sorry about making those already pesky critters even peskier the first time around.
  • The high score no longer jumps to a second row once you break 100,000 points, so you can enjoy your horsehead without breaking the HUD.
  • It's not really shown here (not by a longshot), but now the game actually does limit you to five lives, instead of only displaying five lives.
Only five more days! (Oh poo, I only have five more days to finish this.)

Heir Apparent

March 26th, 2014 by Kyatt
The new character train keeps on rolling on the Twinblog, or in this case should I say... the new character plane? No, planes don't roll. Well, except for barrel rolls.

Let me start over again. Here's another new character who will be playable in next week's update!
Zeppelin Von Schultheiss, from Lighter Than Heir, is prepped to soar through the Sciencemen's lab. Much like the Sciencemen and Claire, she has a special "up + wrench" technique that she can use once her bee meter is full. These two buttons will propel her skyward much like the explosion when Beeserker runs out of fuel. Speaking of running out of fuel, it will also completely drain the bee meter. I think it's an interesting ability, but you can determine that for yourself in six days.

By the way, Lighter Than Heir is nearing the end of a Kickstarter campaign to get some books printed. If you want to lend a hand, click here!

Abilities For Everybody!

March 25th, 2014 by Kyatt
The thing I regret the most about the original Scienceman Twins is that all ten characters are essentially reskins of one another. In the upcoming update, every twin has a special ability that sets them apart from the others (except for Yellow and Orange, who have the same one). I've already mentioned Trigona's gliding and ARG's fluttery Weegee jumps, but in this blog post, I'd like to go through the existing twin's new abilities. Gather 'round, wee children - Santa's got a sack full of abilities to hand out:
  • The Sciencemen each have a super wrench that can be activated by pressing up and the wrench button. It passes through raccoons, and increases the score earned with each consecutive raccoon wrenched.
  • Bobby, being friends with a robot, can't be hurt by robots or bumped around by other players riding robots. Isaac Asimov was clear to state that his first law only applies to friends.
  • Ronnie has momentum on his side - he starts out as the slowest character in the game, but as his bee meter (or his nugget meter, if you unlocked that mode) fills up, he becomes the fastest character in the game.
  • Peppermint, being an expert in robotics (for some extremely spoilery reasons), can tweak the robots so they're 25% more fuel efficient. Just remember, that means that robots beep FIVE times before they explode!
  • Keynes feels like a true bandit this time around - she's as swift as a fully-charged Ronnie, but her wrench reaches about as far as a dagger.
  • Sister Claire has a super wrench similar to that of the Sciencemen, but hers arcs skyward, and is especially divine if you combine it with the boomerang powerup.
  • Hades' pointy little horns will stop any raccoon they come in contact with. He might be your twin of choice if you cling to the top of the screen and keep getting blind-sighted.
  • Commander Badass is a unique character, in that bees won't fill up his bee meter. Instead, he fills his meter by hitting things with wrenches and collecting smokes. Think of it more as a badassery meter.
  • Dan Foreman has no special ability.
I look forward to giving you the chance to try out all these new tweaks to gameplay in exactly one week. What? You want to know why I didn't give Dan any special abilities? Sorry, I forgot to mention - it's because instead of an ability, HE HAS A PET!
Dan and Kim's pet ferret, Rikki, somehow found his way into the lab. Fortunately, unlike all the other bloodthirsty critters in the lab, he's on your side, and he's got your back. Rikki follows behind Dan, tearing up raccoons like so much shimapan, and giving incoming Bootsies the coldest little ferret stares. Here are a few screenshots of him in action.

I Am Twin!

March 24th, 2014 by Kyatt
The upcoming Scienceman Twins update will add approximately five new twins to the roster. Like the characters in the original game, their composition will be roughly 20% Beeserker characters, and 80% confused guests from other webcomics who were handed a wrench at the door and just told to go nuts. Today I'd like to announce someone from the latter group of confused guests:
It's ARG, the titular character from I Am ARG!. He's bringing his gray color palette and signature flatcap to the game - in fact, his hat is so flat, it's only one pixel tall here! ARG has also been imbued with those Weegee-like physics I leaked last week, making him somewhat unwieldy, but one of the few characters who can leap three blocks in a single bound. Be sure to give him a try in eight days.

The Beegirl Update

March 20th, 2014 by Kyatt
About eight months ago, we released Scienceman Twins, and seven months ago, I posted on this blog for what seemed like the last time. Well, I'm reviving both. I've been working on an update for Scienceman Twins that will be available on April 1st, 2014, which is also the 4th anniversary of the webcomic it's primarily based on, Beeserker. In addition to fixing some bugs (the kind that don't have yellow and black stripes), this update will add new items, new characters, new game modes, and most notably, give unique abilities to all of those special guest twins, offering you over a dozen ways to play. I'll discuss that further in a later blog post. For now, I'd like to introduce you to the first of the new twins...
As you may have guessed by this post's title, Beeserker's very own beekeeper/arsonist Trigona Ambrose is joining the Sciencemen in their eternal climb up their haunted, raccoon-infested lab. She has two special abilities: the first is the power to float in air by fluttering her little boot wings (or by holding the jump button). The second will remain a secret for now, but it's similar to an ability she had in Beeserker: The Videogame.

Be sure to check back again between now and April 1st for more information about the update.

Seven Secrets

August 22nd, 2013 by Kyatt
In case you're an avid Twinblog reader who doesn't check the other pages of this site, Scienceman Twins has been out for a couple of weeks now. How are you enjoying it? Have you found any hidden bonuses? I hid seven little secrets that are unlocked by accomplishing certain tasks in-game. Three of these are bonus costumes for the Sciencemen, and four of them are lab modifiers that change how the game looks.

Is your collection not complete? Try playing as different characters, or collecting a bunch of different items, or getting a really high score. I won't tell you exactly how to get them, but I promise that you can get all of them without intense grinding - that is to say, you won't have to gather a million bees to unlock something.

In other news, a week or so ago, I posted a strip for my comic Beeserker (you know, the one this game is based on), that explains how jumping works in this game. You can read it by clicking here. Also, if you're a fan of Bootsie, I made that pair of buttons featuring him available in the Beeserker store. You can get both buttons for only $2 (plus shipping). Pin one to the back of your clothes, and you can have your own little 2D cat-shaped ghost that follows behind you and haunts your dreams!

A Bandit Twin

August 2nd, 2013 by Kyatt
I'm putting the finishing touches on Scienceman Twins, but I took a break to announce one last guest twin, bringing the roster to an even 10.
Bandit Keynes, from Guilded Age, is a gnome thief who has dealt with berserkers before, but never any Beeserkers. She managed to sneak her way into Beeserker's science tower, but how disappointed will she be to find that the only loot to be found is a bunch of bees and smokes? Don't grab the latter, Keynes - they might stunt your growth!

So, there's your roster for Scienceman Twins, and all ten characters will be immediately playable when you fire up the game this Sunday, August 4th. You won't see any more of these Twinblog updates before that date...

...but afterwards? Stay tuned.


July 30th, 2013 by Kyatt
When I said that Scienceman Twins would be ready in July, it had not occurred to me that I would be spending 10 days of said month out of town, away from all the programs I've been using to make the game. As such, it's not likely that the game will be out tomorrow. However, allow me to offer a new release date for the game. It's really soon!

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

If you find this news especially traumatic, just think of it as July 35th; August is a long boring holidayless month, anyway.

Handsome Swag

July 24th, 2013 by Kyatt
Like in the previous Beeserker videogame, Beeserker The Videogame, the Scienceman lab is littered with Handsome Lil' Centaur brand smokes. Unlike the last game, however, they're not background decoration lying on the floor alongside coiled up poops and Scootsie. They're one of the several items, and touching a pack o' smokes will cause a cloud of level-obscuring smoke to ascend the screen.
You may be asking, "why would I want to pick up an item that hinders my vision and also decreases my bee gauge?" Well, maybe you're much higher on the screen than your partner, and feel like hindering him or her - second hand smoke is a killer! Also, if you collect enough, you can unlock some genuine Handsome Swag!
Prior to the release of the last game, I apparently said that you could get the HLC wig and beard sets seen in this Beeserker strip, which were MIA. After being called out my omittance, I promised they'd be in the next game, and I plan to make good on that promise! Furthermore, there are several other unlockable bonuses you can get by accomplishing certain goals, which I'll keep as surprises for you to discover when the game comes out next week. Some are new outfits for the Sciencemen, and some are... other things.

Science McTwin

July 22nd, 2013 by Kyatt
It's approximately nine days until Scienceman Twins comes out, and today I'm announcing the ninth playable character in Scienceman Twins. Coincidence? Oh, most definitely.
The newest entrant to the Beeserker's science tower is Ronnie, from Whomp!. Though he's not seen in-game, it's rumored that the physical manifestation of his motivation, M Dude, is the one responsible for making the level scroll so darn fast.

Twin Sister

July 21st, 2013 by Kyatt
Since it's Sunday, it's only appropriate that in today's post, the special guest twin I reveal is a nun.
Sister Claire, from the webcomic... er... Sister Claire, has been sent to exorcize Beeserker's science tower. Check out that shiny gold boomerang hanging around her neck!*

*Just covering my bases in case I ever port this game to the NES.

Let's Ride A Robot

July 19th, 2013 by Kyatt
As I mentioned yesterday, Beeserker's science tower is littered with idle robots that you can revive with a well-aimed toss of your wrench. However, that's not the only thing you can do with them! I refer you to this pair of screenshots (click to enlarge).
Notice that new little gauge in the corner? More importantly, NOTICE HOW YELLOW IS INSIDE THE ROBOT?! Don't worry, this isn't a bad thing - it's a good thing. Beeserker, being a robot powered by bees, is easily persuaded by people who have bees. As you collect bees, that gauge will fill up, and once it's sufficiently full, you can press up (or W) in front of a dormant Beeserker and ride around in it!

While in the Beeserker, you can't throw wrenches, but you won't need to, as this robot can trample critters. Also, it can jump really high. When you're riding, the bee gauge you worked so hard to fill will rapidly drain, and if it empties, Beeserker will lose the will to live and disappear; such a fate can be deferred by collecting more bees, though. Think of it like Guitar Hero's star power mode, but with fewer tiny plastic guitars you have to rotate 90 degrees.


July 18th, 2013 by Kyatt
Today on the ol' Twinblog, I'd like to talk about the wrench each Scienceman Twin is issued upon entry of Beeserker's science tower. They do a lot of things, you know:
The wrenches can do both good and bad things, depending on how they're used. If you walk past an idle Beeserker, you will pass unscathed, but if you (or a devious partner) throws a wrench at Beeserker, it will come to life and end yours. You can also throw wrenches at your fellow twin to knock him back; however, such friendly fire also propels the poor twin upward. Sometimes, it might be beneficial to team up and throw wrenches at each other to reach new places that one twin couldn't reach on his own. For example, in this screenshot, if the two of you time your wrenches correctly, you can climb that tunnel on the left side of the screen. Essentially, Scienceman Twins is designed to allow you to be as helpful or antagonistic as you want to be.

Damn, Son!

July 17th, 2013 by Kyatt
So far, Scienceman Twins' crossovered roster has expanded to include a few Sciencemen, a Scienceboy, and a Sciencegirl, but you know what we don't have yet? A Sciencegod.
In the webcomic Olympus Overdrive, the god of the underworld, Hades, is given a much shorter and purpler form as part of a game being played for control of Olympus. In this game, however, he is given an even shorter form - one that is only sixteen pixels tall.

This brings us to seven twins! There'll be even more, but the next blog post or two are going to pertain to some new gameplay elements I'm adding this week. Do look forward to them!

Sciencemanly Things

July 16th, 2013 by Kyatt
Ah, back from ConnectiCon, and time to get back to work on Scienceman Twins. I met a lot of people this weekend, including the creator of the comic that today's new twin comes from.
The Commander from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things runs an agency that hires some significantly manly videogame characters. Imagine if he embarked on a scouting trip to Scienceman Twins, looking to scout two great heroes with "man" right in their names, but instead found out that the titular duo is actually a pair of pale flailing lunatics with naught but a basic grasp on the concepts of science and manliness.

That kind of disappointment might make him throw those wrenches extra hard!

Wrencher Nation

July 13th, 2013 by Kyatt
As previously mentioned, I'm at ConnectiCon this weekend, and I'm selling Beeserker merch at the same table as the creators of Blaster Nation...

...which brings us to our next guest twin!
Blaster Nation's Dan is an avid gamer who has been invited to Beeserker's science tower to play for his life, but not before being given two additional lives. He'll have plenty of time to ponder these pecularities of gaming that we somehow accept as the norm while scaling this tower for all eternity.

Look forward to playing as Dan in Scienceman Twins later this month... that is, unless I annoy Brad and Leslie so much with my constant puns this weekend that they change their minds about letting me use their character.

ConnectiCon, BRB

July 11th, 2013 by Kyatt
I'll be at ConnectiCon this weekend, so that might put a hamper on the daily updates the ol' Twinblog has been enjoying the past two days. Anyway, if you're there, be sure to find me in the Online Media Guest Hall (I'm not sure what my exact table is yet). I'll be there with a bunch of other Hiveworks creators, whose characters may be showing up on this blog soon...

Among other things, I'll be selling some brand new buttons featuring Bootsie, the ghost who looks like Scootsie!
For those of you not in the Hartford area, they should be available online shortly.

A Sciencegirl Twin!

July 10th, 2013 by Kyatt
I should be packing up for ConnectiCon this weekend, but first, allow me to introduce the second special guest twin!
Peppermint is a scientist from Crazy Sunshine, a comic full of monsters, demons, and catastrophic machinery - some of which she invented. In comparison, Beeserker's science tower should be a (vertical) walk in the park!

More Twins!

July 9th, 2013 by Kyatt
While working on Scienceman Twins, a question occurred to me: "Why can't there be more than two twins?" With that in mind, I decided to invite characters from other webcomics into Beeserker's science tower. Behold! The first special guest twin!
Bobby, from the comic Robbie and Bobby, is by no means a man of science, or even a boy of science, but he IS best friends with a robot. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what sort of zany antics he and Beeserker get into (though I imagine most of them will involve Bobby touching the Beeserker and losing a life).

I'll be announcing some more guest twins between now and the time the game comes out later this month. Stay tuned!